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Shelving unit and Industrial bookcases are not only used to transform a room but are a practical item to store books, magazines and other items. Follow this guide to help you make sure you choose the right storage unit for your home.

Industrial bookcases


It is important to consider the space around you before installing a book unit. If you need a solution to a small area, then going for a ladder storage unit would be the best option, as the front footprint is minimal how the overall function is not comprised. It is also important to brainstorm what item you may want to place on the Industrial bookcases as the weight will play a factor on how sturdy the unit needs to be, For example, books and DVDs require less support than a stereo system or vase.


Choosing the correct style ultimately depends in the look you are trying to achieve, either practical storage or trying to create a statement. Modular shelving and storage are multi-purpose and versatile as you can mould the unit into the space you need, by placing units next to one another to create a huge chain of wall storage.  

What to consider

We strongly recommend that bookcases and unit are supported to the wall with a strap. This will help eliminate any dangerous accidents. The current law explains that any units above 80mm must be fitted to a wall. In case children were to climb on top of a unit, this will help with support. It is vital that you used the correct screws and inserts to match up to your wall, as many walls are made with different materials such as plasterboard or bricks.

How to measure

To correctly measure the depth, width and height of the space you are intending to fill, use a tape measure and a friend to confirm the results. If you have a specific item you are looking to place on the bookcase, measure it beforehand and think about mix height shelving.

Incorporating into home

Industrial Bookcases are an amazing way to express who you are as an individual. Choose a bright look for dramatic effect, or an oak style bookcase to add an ambient atmosphere. Bookcases can come in multiple materials depending on the look you are trying to achieve and its function. Oak or walnut materials can be used to create interesting shapes that could not be done using solid wood pieces. If you are looking to change the wood to a really bright colour, then using MDF would be a great option as it is easier to brighten.

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